International Association for Astronomical Studies

Mission Statement

The International Association for Astronomical Studies provides research opportunities for students while supporting agencies, organizations, and scientists from NASA/JPL, Stanford Univ., Cal Tech, and NSF with research data. The IAAS also provides students with marketable skills for the workforce through hands-on studying and application of knowledge. IAAS members develop self-confidence; learning to apply all their core discipline subjects from school to their individual work on programs and projects with the IAAS. Members work with teams to develop their skills and learn application of social skills. Members also have the opportunity to work with experts and professional personnel on real-world/real-time projects and programs.

Ongoing Projects

Latest Work

ULA Intern Rocket Payload Competition

The Aerospace team designed, fabricated, and tested a payload to gather atmospheric data and function as a Ham Radio repeater whilst in the air. The payload was named RRADS, standing for Radio Repeater and Atmospheric Data Suite. The payload was launched on a rocket near Pueblo, CO reaching a maximum altitude of 4,000 ft.


Telescopic Observations

The Astronomy team is currently working on assembling various telescopes for solar and lunar observations.


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